Are you confused about nutrition? Not sure what’s true or not? What’s the best exercise for you? Who’s right, the government or my doctor? Do you just want the FACTS?


eastbourne, sussex
24th may, 2015. 10am - 2pm

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We live in a society where we are told that eating less and doing more is the right way to get fit. We’re told that eating lots of fruit is good for us and that red meats and eggs are really bad for us. We’re constantly ill and unhealthy and turning to the doctor is the only way to get better…. right? We are now a fast food, couch potato nation where energy levels and sex drives are ever decreasing and mood swings ever increasing. This effects our work, home lives and ultimately our quality of life. Women are feeling less effeminate and men feeling less masculine. 

What if I told you that simply understanding the basics of nutrition and the power of food, could not only improve your quality of life but drastically change your life and even save it from serious long term health issues. Health issues that are preventable by eating and dieting properly…. and by this I DO NOT mean starving yourself. 

What if i said you could improve your sex life by simply eating better? Maybe you suffer from insomnia and modern day medication isn’t working? What if i told you food could literally be the answer to 8 hours uninterrupted sleep? Ladies, want your curves back but hate running? Men, want to get bigger arms but hate the gym? Worried your eating is effecting your kids health? Trouble waking up in the morning, even after 10hours sleep? Oily skin and bad breath? Irregular bowel movements? Scared of eating some foods because they’re “fattening”? Think you may have IBS or Gluten intolerant? Struggling to conceive? 

If you can relate to all the above, then the ‘Confused about Nutrition & Exercise’ seminar, by Life Changing Fitness, is aimed to teach you how food can solve these issues and also dispel all the modern day myths that are holding you back from a successful, healthy, lifestyle. You do not need to have any previous knowledge of nutrition – this is aimed at those who are confused by the whole topic and just want straight forward, easy to understand, factual answers.


The seminar is designed for anyone that is confused about nutrition and want to learn more about food, exercise & dieting. If you are worried about your health and are someone that has tried many diets but have never found one that works, or you’ve struggled to stick to eating plans in the past, then this seminar can help educate you on what will and does work.


We will uncover all the dieting myths that plague our world and learn what works for the human body and what doesn’t. By making small changes, we will show you the benefits of food, how it can make you super healthy and along with improved sleep how you can burn fat, increase libido and have more energy. We will also cover the importance of hydration, which supplements are good for you, which are pointless and most importantly what exercise is right for you to get fit & drop the love handles… hint, it’s NOT the treadmill or sit-ups! 


CEO Life Changing Fitness - Daniel Wheeler


What will happen on the day...

Light refreshments will be provided on the day, however it is advised to bring your own lunch or pop to the shops in the break for a bite to eat.

Seminar Day

  • 9:50am

    Arrive at the venue & find a comfortable seat.

  • 10:00am

    Daniel will kick off the seminar and introduce you to the days details

  • 12:00pm

    15min Break for light refreshments & toiletries 

  • 2:00pm

    Daniel will finish the presentatiton and open up for questions and answers from the audience

  • 2:30-3:00pm

    Seminar finishes

tickets options


We are so confident you will learn so much invaluable information about nutrition & exercise from this seminar, that if for whatever reason you feel unsatisfied, then we happily give you a full refund. Simply speak to Daniel after the seminar and he will be glad to explain further.


  • Seat at the semianr
  • Copy of all the content of the day emailed after
  • Light refreshments at the break
  • 10% discount code for future seminar dates


  • Everything that a Standard Ticket holder receives.
  • 30min priviate 1-2-1 consultation to be arranged via skype or phone after the seminar - date to be confirmed.
    Your chance to speak directly to Daniel and take what you have learnt from the day and help you with any bespoke diet & exercise specifics.


Matthew D - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
On Sunday 1st March we attended Dan Wheelers seminar 'confused about nutrition and exercise?' I went along as my wife wanted to attend this event and I'll be honest, I've attended many seminars ( not about nutrition) and generally speaking I thought this seminar would be no different to the rest, I seriously thought it would be a bloke, full of self important banging on about amazing it was to be like him.... How wrong was I?! Dan's presentation style instantly engages with his audience, he explains nutrition in a way that you actually understand, like most people I've read books, I've thought about doing diets such as Atkins and weight watchers, Dan explains the myths behind these diets and how they don't actually help you change your lifestyle in the long term. In the past I've changed my eating habits I've started going to the gym. I've notice little changes but having attended this seminar I now realise i needed the education to go with these changes and now I feel more confident and motivated to make significant changes to the way I eat and exercise. Dan looks and sounds amazing he speaks in a confident manner, however he isn't the cock sure arrogant type, he's humble, he speaks openly and honestly about his own journey, he speaks about extremes at both ends of the 'health/fitness' spectrum, for example how he felt being very overweight and the other extreme being a gym freak. He explains how he had similar negative feelings and both ends of this spectrum and that being somewhere in the middle of this spectrum is the happiest place to be. He explains about the science behind how your hormones and how they have a direct impact on the way you feel, he explains how you can change this, in a way that will actually have a positive impact on your lifestyle. He speaks openly about testosterone levels in men and the importance of keeping your testosterone levels up and the effects men have, if they have lower testosterone, this is not something us men speak about but actually it's really serious and extremely thought provoking stuff that we should be speaking about. If you want to learn about nutrition and exercise, if you want to be taught by someone who knows what he is talking about, who's actually been there! Then this is the seminar for you. Dan has a way about him that is humble, Non intimidating, relaxed and there is a bonus he's actually an extremely funny bloke. Thanks Dan! Absolutely brilliant!

Matthew George - 
On Sunday 01/03/15 me and a friend who has been training with me for over a year attended a seminar that was being presented by Dan Wheeler which was called Confused about nutrition. Now i went to this to support Dan has he has been my coach now for almost 18 months and also to take my friend so he could get more information and to actually understand why i ask him to do certain things outside the gym with his nutrition. As i was traveling down i did think i will know most of this seminar as i have been getting great results  in the gym and my nutrition could not get better, well how wrong was i. This seminar was not just about foods you can and can’t eat actually it never ever stated you can’t eat certain foods all in moderation was the point being told but this seminar also discussed issues with hormones and sleep and how this can effect you in such a bad way, he talked about low testosterone in men and how this can effect training,moods and even your sex life, how oestrogen can effect women and men all this was stuff everyone in that room was not aware of. Dan explained all this in a way the average joe would understand there was no science lingo it as all describe in a basic and understandable way which was fantastic. I would recommend this to all gym goers, mums and dads because its not a talk on a short fix its a talk on changing lives for the long run. 

Suzanne B - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A very informed and interesting presentation, presented well and great value for money. Made lots of sense I haven't stopped talking about it since to all of my gym health conscious friends!!! Thanks Dan please do some more!


This seminar will change your life...



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