BCAAs – Why you should take them and why I advise ALL my clients to take LOADS of them!


Before i go on, do you know who Mr Charles Poliquin is? If not, you should do! Research him… the man is a genius!

He has recently posted an article on something i was going to write about soon – thankfully the man has saved me the effort of hours of writing, so i will happily credit it him with all the facts! (link at the end of this article)

Every client i have is usually shocked by 2 things when i give them a plan: -

1 – The sheer quantity of food they have to eat, and then lose fat ;-)


2 – The amount of BCAAs i get them to take.

Man or woman, i get them to take what THEY consider a LOT! This is usually due to what they read on the back of the packet. Usually a BCAA supplement tub will suggest to  ”take 4-6 tablets before a workout, and 4-6 after a workout”.

Now this is usually fine for someone who workouts out at the same intensity of a sloth, to which fat burning would never be stimulated! WE WANT TO BURN FAT AND STIMULATE MUSCLE GROWTH and therefore I advice all my clients to train as hard as they can – within reason of course. Some clients have injuries, or disabilities, so its very dependant on the user here. But for the most part – if you aren’t dripping with sweat at the end of a workout that i plan, then you did it wrong!

Anyway, i digress! Why do i advise my clients to take so many BCAAs? Well, lets take me as an example….

I consider myself an advanced gym user. If you’ve ever seen me in the gym then you will probably confirm that i don’t mess about. I push the relevant muscle group to complete exhaustion/inhalation! What does this mean?

It means i need to HEAL, RECOVER and REST afterwards. The first two elements is where BCAAs come into account.

BCAA, in the simplest response, are the fundamental building blocks to muscle growth and recovery. They are essential!

As a general rule of thumb, 1 BCAA tablet is 1 GRAM of BCAA – this does vary from company to company however. 

So how many do i take during a workout, and why? Well before i leave the house, i take 10 tablets (10 grams) – during my workout i then take a further 30 tablets (30 grams) and then after my workout, with my shake, i will take another 10 tablets (10grams) – a total of 50 grams (or 50 tablets) of BCAA. I personally use Gaspari Nutrition BCAA 6000, due to their great 4:1:1 lucine ratio (a blog for another day) - http://www.gasparinutrition.com/products/bcaa6000/

Gaspari Nutrition BCAA 6000 - 4:1:1 ratio




Well its not!

If you were to drive at 150mph from London to Scotland, would I put in half of engine oil I needed, in my car, for that journey? NO! I’d make sure its topped up to the max! I dont want to damage my engine – or my muscles in this case! This is what i do with BCAAs – further reasoning behind this is on the link below, and further evidence also suggests that BCAAs promote fat loss too. (please read the link in full before you take that statement out of context).

When i hit the gym, i hit it hard, i always do. Therefore, i want to ensure that my muscles have EVERY SINGLE ELEMENT they need to recover and grow to the highest possible ability. This, coupled with my nutrition, simply gives my body the optimum environment to build and recover.

Lastly…. the added benefit of taking so many BCAAs? DOMS are far less…. and why? Because my body can recover so much easier! Think about it… BCAA is the building blocks of all protein! What do we need to build and repair muscle? PROTEIN! So why would you want to give it the bear minimum? You wouldn’t… you want to give it the PURE MAXIMUM!

So, this is why i advise all my clients take more BCAAs than listed on the packet. My job is to ensure they are ALWAYS in an anabolic environment to promote fat loss and muscle growth – by limiting BCAAs, or any other nutritional element i suggest, then they wont see the amazing results they do see – client transformation pictures speak for themselves!

Have a good read of Charles Poliquin’s article below – its well worth 10 mins of your time, and i truly feel it will help boost your performance in the gym and your recovery outside of the gym.

(It’s also important to note that I AM NOT sponsored, or in any way affiliated, with Gaspari Nutrition – i simply rate them as one of the best i’ve ever tried. You can ensure that my recommendation here is purely neutral & unbiased.)

Know it, Feel it, Live it




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  1. Joey B says:

    How do you know how many bcaa’s you should be taking? For instance I am 5’6″ (2 m) and 148 pounds (68 kg) and around 14-12% body fat. I typically do a circuit training and afterwards I do 20 min of HIIT cycle. I also eat full paleo except for my weekly cheat meal.

  2. Meg says:

    This is a good explanation but I admit, at first I was also shocked with the number of BCAA you are taking. But now I understand why people should take numerous BCAAs especially if they are doing intense workout. This is really the best supplement for muscle recovery.

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