Client update – Jonny Wardell hits PBs like they’re going out of fashion!


I’ve been waiting a few days to post this! The excitement has been unbearable, but i’m please to be able to share this epic update with you all.

I first worked with Jonny last year when he wanted to get ‘cut up’ for summer. As he explains below, he then went on to focus gaining some strength and recently entered into a power-lifting competition at university. The videos speak for itself and Jonnys kind words below illustrate how the importance of nutrition can help you achieve some remarkable goals! EPIC JONNY! JUST EPIC!

Words from Jonny…

This is my second time working with Dan and Life Changing Fitness. Having had excellent results with him last summer on a cut…


…I spent the winter months focusing on gaining some strength in the core lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift. I tried to keep my diet clean but I wasn’t counting macros or calories and being a student as you can guess it ultimately ended up “dirtier” than I would of liked!

Anyway on to working with Dan. He sent me the plan and as expected the detail was incredible. Every macro and micro-nutrient was accounted for down to the gram! I had told him I was planning to enter my first power-lifting competition around half way through the plan but that I didn’t want to focus 100% on this. Nevertheless with the plan provided the macros were that perfect that I hit the holy grail of – losing Kg off the scales and adding it to the bar! My strength went through the roof! On my squat alone I gained 17.5kg in 6 weeks and added weight to all my other lifts! It just goes to show what can be achieved with a solid personalised nutrition plan like Dan provides. I would just like to say thanks again to Dan for his support and motivation, and I look forward to continuing to work with you over the next few weeks!

Here are the videos from Jonnys competition where he came 5th out of his whole University! Prepare for some screaming of pure raw animal POWER!

 Client Jonny Wardell – Competition Lift 1 Deadlift 190kg

Client Jonny Wardell – Competition Lift 2 Deadlift 205kg

Client Jonny Wardell – Competition Lift 3 Deadlift 207.5kg

Client Jonny Wardell – Competition Lift 2 Squat 150kg

Client Jonny Wardell – Competition Lift 3 Squat 157.5kg

Client Jonny Wardell – Competition Lift 2 Bench Press 115kg

Client Jonny Wardell – Competition Lift 3 Bench Press 117.5kg


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