Day 11 – No cardio, DTP Biceps and Triceps and more dehydration


Tuesday August 21st 2012
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Day 11 – No cardio, DTP Biceps and Triceps and more dehydration

48 hours to go ARGGGG!!!! Today i woke up at 6am to hit the gym for DTP Biceps and Triceps.

Morning Weights session

DTP Biceps & Triceps

Was a great session actually! Although I HATE hitting the gym and not giving 100%, I got an insane pump from this workout…

This mornings weights session had to be limited down to 80% effort! Why? Pushing the muscle to failure, I.E. tearing muscles, causes them to look flat for a few days after why they repair. I clearly dont want my muscles to look flat, and therefore want to keep the tearing to a minimum for the next few days.

Todays session was similar to last weeks DTP Arms session, so i wont detail here, but i upped the weight and started the pyramid a little lower in reps. Slight increase in sets though, but less reps, so instead of 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 – it was 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 10, 10, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Much better pump, muscles still had to work hard, but NOT past failure. Heres a little shot from the gym – posing much? ;-)

Arms posing

So that was my workout for the day! No more gym today… done!

Sunbed time!

So I’ve been hitting the sunbed every other day for the last 2 weeks, but yesterday, today and tomorrow i’ll be going everyday – short regular sessions. Took a sneeky little ab shot while I was in the tanning room – dont judge me… too me years to get these! lol

ab posing shot

Diet update…

So, the day before, the day before, the photoshoot i’m now upping my carbs a little. Now usually, anyone going to a photoshoot, who is sub 10% body fat, would carb deplete 2-3 days before a shoot and then the day before the shoot have a massive carb refeed. However, i’m currently not less than 10% bodyfat, and therefore I cant go through this process.

The idea behind it is to deplete the muscles of carbohydrates. The general technique is to eat 50g of carbs for two days, do some HIIT training on those days, and then the day before the shoot fill the body back up with carbs. This then fills all the muscles up, makes them look pumped for the shoot, and combined with the dehydration makes you look shredded. However, i’m not quite ready for that stage yet. I’m currently at about 11-12% body fat. That technique I will use for my front cover shot next year – my ultimate goal!

So what am I doing? Well i’m just upping my carbs a little bit. Below are photos of meals 6 and 7 for today.

meal 6

Meal 6 is usually my post workout meal – but this time i’m not working out in the evening and i’ve now introduced some sweet potato into the meal.

meal 7

Meal 7 is what i usually eat before bed. Cottage cheese. Full of slow releasing protein for the nights digestion and reduces the catabolism of the muscles during the night. However, this time i also added some more sweet potato. Tomorrow carbs go up even more….

Dehydration update…

Today I’m on 8 litres of water! If I thought yesterdays water intake was too much, today is stupid! Tomorrow I have to drink 9 litres of water…… 9 LITRES OF WATER!!!!!!

Not only that, but I have to drink it all between waking up and 4pm! I then stop drinking water until the shoot and only sip when I have to! I’ve got a feeling its going to be tough. I also have to drink 2 large glasses of wine! Going to get so drunk…!

Vitamin C and Dandelion has gone up further! Starting to feel drained and tired! Anyway… needs must!

Big day ahead tomorrow – stay tuned!







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