Day 12 – The day before the big day

Wednesday August 22nd 2012
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Day 12 – The day before the big day

24 hours to go ARGGGG!!!! Today i woke up at 6am to hit the gym for DTP Shoulders

Morning Weights session


Similar to yesterdays session, i was only allowed to hit the session at 80% effort. However, it was still a great session and really hit all the heads of the shoulders – front, middle and rear delts, as well as the traps too.

Upping the carbs

Today i upped the carbs further – here is a shot of my meal 4, 5 and 6


The biggest part of todays preparation was upping the water to an all time high! I had to drink 9 litres of water from the time i woke up to 4pm in the afternoon!

9 litres of water

Why do i do this? Well, the idea is to flood the body with as much water was possible, along with taking diuretics to draw all the water out from the muscles/fat cells. The added level of water helps flush all this out.

Drinking 9 litres of water was the hardest thing i’ve done in a long time! I was literally on the toilet every 15 mins.

Once the water had finished, i then went and had an inferred sauna. These specific types of saunas help draw the water out of the skin further.

The whole point of this dehydration process is to make the skin look as tight as possible, so that the muscles looks a lot more defined.

This is photo from inside of the sauna – 50′C for 30 mins! It was tough lol


Once all the water was drunk, it was time to GET DRUNK! lol

Later in the evening i went down the pub with a few friends and had 2 glasses of dry white wine! “ARE YOU MAD, ITS THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR SHOOT!?!? WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING WINE FOR?”

Well, i’ll tell you. It helps with the further dehydration process. It was an intentional move. At this point, i had stopping drinking water from 4pm and it was now 10pm. Drinking 2 glasses of wine will further help me dehydrate the body while i’m asleep. This was the first time i had a drink of alcohol in over 9 months! Needless to say, i struggled to stand up after this ;-)

However, when i got home, i took a progress shot of how i was looking before bed!

As you can see – so much more defined than usual!











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