Day 6 – Cardio and phase 1 of dehydration prep

Thursday August 16th 2012
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Day 6 – Cardio and phase 1 of dehydration prep

So, woke up at 6am this morning and hit the gym for another low intensity cardio session. My arms were battered after last nights DTP BICEPS AND TRICEPS session. This morning, as have all the past Thursday mornings, was tough to get out of bed and into the gym. Really had to dig deep mentally and just get in my car to the gym. I knew as soon as i got in there i would be fine – home from home – but it was just getting past the aching that was tough. Today’s cardio is very similar to Tuesdays cardio session, so i’ll just repeat what i laid out on that blog. However, there is a slight timing tweak…

Morning Cardio session


30mins @125-130bpm heart rate

Evening Cardio session


First block of 10 minutes - Treadmill sprints

30 seconds sprinting at 20kmph with gradient at level 1 (the fastest the treadmill will go…annoyingly)
30 seconds walking

Repeat x 10 

Once that is done, I hopped onto the cross trainer

Second/Last block of 10 minutes - Cross Trainer sprints

Gradient Level 6 – Resistance level 12
40 seconds @ 110 strides per min
20 seconds @ 275 strides per min – MAX OUTPUT

Repeat x 10 


Thats the workout done for the day. Due to my arms being so drained, the power output on the cross trainer was naturally lower than on Tuesday, so the legs had to over compensate. As a result they were a little ‘jelly-ish’ after!


Diet tweaks continue…

No actual food changes today. Sugars are still removed from the plan, turkey is now my ONLY edible protein source (no more salmon pre workout – instead its turkey) so nothing new to report apart from that!


Phase 1 – Dehydration starts

So here is now where it gets interesting… Prepping for a photoshoot is all new to me, so its fascinating to discover what actually works and why it works.

My Kirk Miller is giving me nice strict instructions, and without revealing in granular detail what he has advised me, i’ll just skim the surface so you understand the principles.

(Please remember, that what i am doing is specific to ME and MY body type/goals. This will not be 100% applicable for you, however you can use it as a very rough general rule of thumb to know what is involved)

The science – as i understand it so far: -

Slowly ramp up the water consumption over the next week. This will help to start to flush the body of toxins and really get the kidneys used to flushing out water.

Start to introduce mild diuretics to remove the water from WITHIN THE BODY/SKIN.

By upping the water consumption, you do not increase the water retention. In fact you increase the lack of retention as the body is constantly flushing it out, and along with the diuretics, cause the body not to store water.

So today i went shopping and brought a load of water to last me until the shoot. The water of choice is Evian. Why? Well Evian has the lowest sodium levels – thus meaning that salt consumption stays at an absolute minimum, thus adding to the lack of water the body can hold on to.

Evian water for dehydration photoshoot preparation

This set me back £21.00!

So today i also started to take Dandelion, which is a mild diuretic, and also started to increase my Vitamin C intake. I’m slowly introducing the increase in these two minerals/vitamins so my body gets used to it, and I will really start to increase the dosage 3 days out from the shoot.

However, I can already see a big difference in my general appearance. Specifically when comparing my morning and evening photos. Unlike yesterday’s photos, where you can see noticeable water retention from throughout the day – which is totally normal! However, today, zero water retention in the skin. In fact, i would say i almost look leaner than my morning photo! Judge for yourself…. (left morning, right evening)

Morning and evening comparison - day 1 of dehydration

If you compare this to yesterdays photo….

You can see that both morning photos are the near enough the same (maybe the above morning (this morning) i look a little leaner – however, there is a noticeable appearance difference in the evening photos.

Morning photo and evening photo - water retention

So, all good first signs… and we have only just started the dehydration phase!


How do I generally feel?

If i’m honest, today i havent felt as 100% as usual. I’d say i’m down to about 98%. This may seem insignificant but to me i can sense that something doesn’t quite feel right. It may have something to do with the lack of sugars. Maybe to do with the fact that i’m pissing like a race horse all day! I’m maybe lacking in some essential minerals as its starting to get flushed out – I’ll continue to post how i feel on the other daily blogs. I’ve so far notched up 18 trips to the toilet to piss…. at one point i went 3 times in 15 mins lol This part of the preparation is only going to get worse… but, fuck it, needs must!

Tomorrow is legs day! Cant wait….! I dont have cardio in the morning tomorrow. Need to save up the calories for DTP legs – its going to be immense! Can’t wait!

Over and out for now




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