Day 7 – DTP Legs & Shoulders and continued ramp up to dehydration


Friday August 17th 2012
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Day 7 – DTP Legs & Shoulders and continued ramp up to dehydration

6 days to go ARGGG!!!! This morning I got to have a little lay in! I say lay in, I was up at 7am still…. bloody body clock wont let me sleep past 7 these days. It’s very strange… I sometime struggle to wake up at 5:30, but I’m wide awake by 6:30 – my body clearly needs that extra hour every day!

Morning session


Got up and started to prepare for success throughout the rest of my day. First thing on the list is to prepare my meals 2, 3 and 4. Here’s a little sneak peak of my current diet leading up to the shoot – turkey throughout!

meals 2 3 and 4 diet

After work I hit the gym for my big session of the week. There are two reasons I rest on a Friday morning: -

  1. Because I’m battered from the workout week and need a little recovery time
  2. To save as many calories as possible for the evening DTP Legs & Shoulders session

When I say that DTP is intensive, you must believe me that when it comes to DTP for your legs, you need as much energy as possible. Doing cardio in the morning on legs day, without upping your calories during the day, would be a big big mistake. The legs are the biggest muscle groups in the body and require a huge demand for energy. Not only for the workout, but for the recovery too. Not only that, but I was supersetting DTP legs with DTP shoulders – it really doesn’t get much more intensive that this.

I honestly cant being to explain the pain you will go through when performing the below. I can only lay out what I did, ask you to try it and let me know how you get on. This isn’t me gloating or boasting – there are many guys out there who I’m sure push it harder than me (very few mind you ;-) ), I’m merely telling it to you straight!

Put it this way… I couldn’t walk for 20 mins after my session and had to get the lift down to the ground floor at the gym as I would have fallen down the stairs…. anyway, enough of this – here is what I did!

Evening Weights session


Before you start any workout, ensure that you are full hydrated, have taken your BCAAs and Creatine - especially for a leg session!

DTP Smith Machine Hack squats (SMHS) superset with Sissy Squats (SS), then superset with Dumbbell Military shoulder press (DbMSP)

So the first set (50 reps down to 10 reps) are as follows (all weights are including the bar – 30kg, for example, is 2 x 10kg plates and 10kg for the smith bar): -

SMHS – 50 reps @ 30kg
DbMSP – 50 reps @ 6kg in each hand
- 45 second rest
SMHS – 40 reps @ 40kg
DbMSP – 40 reps @ 8kg in each hand
- 1 minute rest
SMHS – 30 reps @ 50kg
DbMSP – 30 reps @ 10kg in each hand
- 1 minute 15 seconds rest
SMHS – 20 reps @ 70kg, superset with SS x 20 reps (bodyweight)
DbMSP – 20 reps @ 12kg in each hand
- 1 minute 30 seconds rest
SMHS – 10 reps @ 90kg, superset with SS x 10 reps (bodyweight)
DbMSP – 10 reps @ 16kg in each hand
- 1 minute 45 seconds rest

So thats 340 reps done – lets move back up the pyramid….

DTP Barbell lunges (BBL) superset with Dumbbell Side Lateral raises (DbSLR)

BBL – 10 reps @ 40kg (10 reps for EACH LEG – 20! movements in total)
DbSLR – 10 reps @ 10kg in each hand
- 1 minute 30 seconds rest
BBL - 20 reps @ 30kg (20 reps for EACH LEG - 40! movements in total)
DbSLR - 20 reps @ 8kg in each hand
- 1 minute 15 seconds rest
BBL - 30 reps @ 20kg (30 reps for EACH LEG - 60! movements in total)
DbSLR - 30 reps @ 7kg in each hand
- 1 minute  rest
BBL - 40 reps @ 15kg (40 reps for EACH LEG - 80! movements in total)
DbSLR - 40 reps @ 6kg in each hand
- 45 seconds rest
BBL - 50 reps @ 10kg (50 reps for EACH LEG - 100! movements in total)
DbSLR - 50 reps @ 5kg in each hand

So the first 50-10 set was tough. My glutes and quads were on fire! I failed several times on the 30 and 20 set and just had to keep pausing. When I was on the 30 set, I hit failure at rep 22 – I then had to take 1 rep at a time. It was hell! The shoulders were ‘OK’ at this point – I have quite strong shoulders and on retrospect, probably could have gone a few kg heavier for each set. Noted for next time!

However, the 10-50 set was the killer. I fell over about 6 times on the lunges. You become so drained, especially on the 30, 40 and 50 rep range set, that you start to almost lose focus on the movement and focus more on staying conscience…. seriously! A poor old man tried to help me up off the floor on one of them, and I was so in the zone I didn’t even thank him and just carried on… very rude of me at the time, but I did explain to him after and thanked him ;-) When you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone!

When I got to the 40 and 50 set, it was all about mental strength/determination by this point. Every signal from my body was telling me to stop. My legs were on fire! My groin, hams and quads were screaming at me to stop. Not only that, but you are mentally conscience that its not 40 or 50 reps left at all. Its 40 and 50 reps ON EACH LEG left – thats actually 80 and 100 reps! The 50 set actually took me the best part of 6 mins to complete.

I can only recommend you to try it…. you’ll fall in love with the principle and you’ll see HUGE gains in as little as 3 weeks! Please trust me on that one!

Diet/Dehydration tweaks continue…

Today was Day 2 of the dehydration phase. Same water consumption as yesterday, but today I increased the dandelion and vitamin C intake. Again, starting to feel tighter each day. Here is another progress shot: -

day 7 comparison

Nice hat for todays session ;-) Keeps the sweat out of my eyes… lots of sweat on legs day!

(Morning left, evening right)

As you can see, pretty much still looking to same regardless of the fact that these photos were taking 12 hours apart. No water retention. My shorts are slightly higher on the right image, so gives the impression of a shortened torso, but if you can see past that, my ab definition looks the same, as does my chest.

How do I generally feel?

Today I feel back to 100%. Not sure what happened yesterday, but back to complete normal today. Maybe I was just transitioning into the dandelion and the added vitamin c?!? Either way, I feel 100% again.

Continuing to piss every 20-30 mins or so – but this is obviously expected.

Today my cravings for sugar were very high. Looking forward to my post photoshoot binge ;-)

Over and out for now. Rest day tomorrow, so wont be a huge amount to report on, but will still update with photos and general bloggish stuff!










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