The day of the photoshoot – My dream has now come true

Thursday August 23rd 2012
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The day of the photoshoot – My dream has now come true

Well, the day has arrived!

This morning i woke up with a mouth as dry as the sahara desert! It was ridiculous! HOWEVER, my body has never looked so lean….

The dehydration process clearly did its job! I’m very happy with that now and my confidence was through the roof for the rest of the day.

Once i had my breakfast and got my bag ready for the day and we made our way into London! I say we, as i had a camera man with me for the day. A good friend of mine called Jamie Patterson, who is a professional film director from Jump Start Productions. I wanted to record the whole day and make it into a little documentary feature soon. Stay tuned for that ;-) This is Jamie…

Jamie patterson - Film director

Once we got to London, i was under strict instructions to neck a double shot of espresso! Again, this has a purpose for the further dehydration and also to give me a little caffeine buzz for the day.

double shot of espresso

I personally HATE coffee – it was the worst tasting crap ever! However, needs must, so i downed it.

Here’s a little cheeky shot of me posing in the London underground!

So we then made our way to the actual building of the magazine office. One our way, we failed to notice the HUGE BT Tower building shadowing down on us. It was pretty impressive, i have to say!

BT Tower

My dream was so close now…

We then got to the studio, and i have to say my nerves then started to kick in. It was like a bus had hit me. For the whole morning i didnt really realise how much of a big deal this was for me. It’s almost like i was previously trying to block out the importance of the day, but as soon as i walked through the door of the magazine building, it hit me! Like a ton of bricks.

My heart started racing, my hands were sweating and i was shaking all over. It was coming true…. Everything i had worked so hard for was now here! I was about to have my photos taking for a Men’s Fitness! Men’s bloody Fitness! One of the biggest magazine companies there is! They wanted to do a 6 PAGE FEATURE on ME! The fat guy that turned fit. It was finally happening and it was all starting to really get to me….

My emotions were running at an all time high, i was seriously on the verge of falling into a heap on the floor crying with joy! However, i had to pull my shit together and get through it like a professional. That in itself was very hard. I’m actually quite an emotional person deep down, and this was tipping me over the edge.

Just as things were about to get too much, waiting in reception, Joe Warner – Deputy Editor of Mens Fitness, came down the lift and introduced himself! There and then i realised it was real and got my act together and proceeded up the lift to the photoshoot room.

Once we got upstairs i was also greeted by Jon Lipsey, the editor of Men’s Fitness – this was a nice moment, as it was Jon who i met back in May where we initially discussed this opportunity.

Once all the formalities were done – it was down the business and the photos were being taken.

We took well over 1000 photos, performed over 45 workout movements and then some posing photos at the end for the cover of the feature. It was hands down, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. It showed me that this is what i want to be doing with my life. I loved it!

Here is where i started almost 3 year ago…

fat photo

Here is a sneeky behind the scenes shot of the shoot from Jamies camera.

behind the scenes

Unfortunately the iPhone’s lighting isn’t great, nor did i pull a smile lol However, i think you can get an idea of the set up – was such good fun!

Just looking back at my before photo and now, i’m actually incredibly proud of myself! Its taken a long time. Its taken hours/days/weeks/months and years in the gym! Its take dedication! Its taken countless times of turning down cake, sweets and biscuits. Its taken me from being miserable to feeling on top of the world!

Once the shoot was done – i was exhausted! The photoshoot consisted of over 2 hours of isometic holds, tensing every possible muscle to make sure i looked as good as possible. It was tough. That coupled with the emotional pressure i put myself on, and the weeks of strict dieting leading up to the day, just took it all out of me.

So there was one thing for it… i needed to treat myself! Soooooo, i did ;-)

So thats about it people…. this has been my journey up to one of my dreams come true! Its been emotional, hard work but it was WORTH EVERY SINGLE SECOND!

Dont forget to check out the other 12 days leading up to the shoot where i went into a lot of detail about how i prepared for the day

I want to personally take the time to thank a few people who have helped me over the years and leading up to this day!

First and formost…

Michael Read

Over the last year, where my fat loss and muscle gains have really execrated, there has been one man that has stuck by me through it all – my training buddy and one of my best friends Michael Read. I owe so much to this man that i cant even begin to express my thanks to him.

Mike was the guy that picked me up on days when i wanted to fall. He was the guy that ALWAYS made me push that last rep out, when my muscles were on fire and i could barely hold the weight – he made me push out the last rep and even a few more.

Mentally and physically i own him so much. So Michael – thank you. Thank you so much… i wouldn’t be in this position today if it wasn’t for your friendship and work ethic! I will always remember this for years to come… Mike – Thank you mate! Check him out on Twitter

Kirk Miller

My miller – where do i start! Firstly this man is one of my idols – how many people can say they are privileged enough to be coached by an idol of theirs! The man is just incredible! His physique is unreal… but i can assure you its ALL REAL! I have been working with Kirk for the last 4 weeks leading up to the shoot. He has helped me define my photoshoot prep diet, workouts and mental attitude! He introduced me to the workout DTP and he was always on the end of a phone when i needed some guidence leading up to the shoot.

Kirk – you’re one of my heros bud and i want to thank you for all your help so far! Rest assured, we will continue to work together for a long time! Kirk – Thank you mate!

If you are looking to get into the fitness world and need some photoshoot preparation advice – Kirks the man! Check him out on twitter

Kamran Tirmizey

Kam is one of my closest friends and someone who i turned to many many many times throughout my journey for mental reasurance. Throughout a journey like mine, you have a tendancy to occasionally doubt yourself. Weeks and even months can pass where you think you arent making progress – but you really are. Its your mind playing tricks on you.

Kam, with his professional NLP life coaching advice, literally took me through every emotion i was feeling at various times, alowed me to see it from other angles and always focus on the positive things. One of the most genuinely, authentic and caring people i have ever met and i feel so lucky to have him in my life! Kam – Thank you mate!

Terry Zarb

Terry – my bestest friend, my BFFL lol

Tel is one of a hand few of people how has helped me through thick and thin. As a best friend, we have a lot of great banter, but deep down he has been through not only this fat loss journey with me, but though all my personal trials and tabulations over the last 8/9 years!

I want to go on record mate and tell you i love you like a brother and thanks for all your support! You cant choose your family, which is poignant for me, but you can choose your friends and having you as a friend is like winning the lottery! Thank you mate!

Giles & Dianne

Giles is anther one of my closest friends, and Di is his wife to be. Not only have they both given me support over the past years, but they were kind enough and thoughtful enough to send me a ‘well done’ card, for getting into Men’s Fitness, in the post. A gift i wasn’t expecting and i was really touched by it! Thank you both for everything!

Lee Malone

Mr Malone is someone i now consider a good friend of mine – despite the fact that i’ve never met him! I was introduced to Lee a few months back via an online acquaintance. Lee has quickly become someone who i can turn to for fitness advice and support. The guys physique is just amazing! He is a real ‘up and comer’ in the fitness world and I would like to personally thank him for all his support and kind words over the past months! Lee – thank you mate! Check out his website – lots of great information

Dan Bright

Dan is someone else that i’ve recently befriended! This guy has gone through a transformation of his own – from a skinny little runt to a guy who’s body i am now insanely jealous of! He looks incredible. Endless workout advice and such a genuinely nice guy.

I hope to some day make my way over to the states and smash a good legs session with him – show him how to grow those quads ;-) Thanks for all the support mate! Means a lot! Check him out on FaceBook

Craig Dickinson

Craig Dickinson – a man who is inches a way from breaking into the fitness world by storm! Another genuinely nice guy with a fountain of knowledge and support. Annoyingly good looking and with a sick pack that most would die for!

Thanks for all your support over the last months mate! Means so much and looking forward to meeting up soon for a beer or 6 ;-) Stay strong! Check him out on FaceBook

Luke Cooke

Mr Cooke is someone that EVERYONE who is overweight should follow (apart from me of course;-) ) – The guy has lost 9 stone, almost 10 stone now, in body fat and looks amazing! He is such a nice guy and someone who i genuinely want to thank for all his support and kind words over the months. Having someone like Luke in my corner has made the last months easier and i want to thank you for that Luke – Check him out on Twitter

Mel Rossiter

Ms Rossiter is a rare gem in life that i’m luckily enough to know. Over the past months leading up to my shoot she has drowned me with some of the nicest, kindest and thoughtful words anyone has ever said to me. She gives out nothing but love and asks for nothing in return. A true modern day, much more attractive, mother Teresa! Seriously… such a lovely person i cant recommend her enough as someone you should follow. Thank you Mel – much love x Check her out on Twitter

Jem McCarthy

Jem – where do i begin? The support… the kind words…. the constant RTs of my messages! I cant thank you enough for your support over the last months! I’ll always consider you a great friend and if there is anything i can do for you, please let me know. Another one of lifes lost gems! Such a lovely human being! Check her out on twitter

Last but not least…. my haters!

I wont dwell on this – but over the last 3 years i’ve encountered people who have brought me down. Said things that have made me doubt myself – “you’ll never make it”, “you’re too fat now, you cant lose all that weight” and my personal favourite ”I’m not attracted to you anymore – you’re fat and make me sick” – that last one i hold close to my heart!

Throughout life, people will ALWAYS try and bring you down.

My dad always say to me “People try and bring you down, because they know you are above them“….

So, to all my haters – to anyone who has doubted me, anyone who has said something nasty and to anyone who didnt love me for me…. i thank you!

You gave me the strength i needed i get to where i am today! Today i’m going to be in a magazine… Today i stand tall and i’m happy i now look down on all of you….

Actions speak louder than words…..

Thats it people…. This has been my journey so far to one of my life goals! To be in a fitness magazine – not just be in one, but i have a 6 page feature on my transformation!

So whats next….

Front cover of course…

I’m now going to go through another 2 part transformation! Part 1 will be a 12 week bulk to add on some muscle mass. Part 2 will be another 12 week cut to get under 8% body fat.

Both parts I will heavily document and try to further educate on my journey.

Over and out for now people….. and thanks for watching ;-)

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  1. Dan Bright says:

    Awesome write-up and experience Daniel! Happy for you, and very honored for the mention. Loved everything about it, especially the section thanking the haters, same thing helped motivate me, I am very greatful for some I the nasty things that have come out of people’s mouths. And you are correct, actions speak louder then words! FACT!

  2. Greg says:

    Daniel, what a legend! Pure inspiration! Just read the article in MF and thought I’d check out your site. I’m where you were three years ago after leaving the forces and piling on the pounds. But a few weeks ago I decided enough was enough! I thought it was impossible to go from a similar size you were to look as amazing as you do now. You’ve totally inspired me! Thank you and a massive WELL DONE!

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