Episode 9 – Low Testosterone & how to treat it FT. Dr Joe Swartz

Welcome to Podcast Episode 9 – Low Testosterone & how to treat it

Every Man and his partner needs to listen to this podcast – a global issue that need more exposure. This is most possibly the best podcast from Life Changing Fitness to date! I have been so excited to post this.

In this podcast Daniel Interviews Dr Joe Swartz about Low Testosterone. The causes, the symptoms, the prevention, treatment, supplements and the stigma that is all connected to Low Testosterone. We delve deep into the science and how lots of other hormones are effected with this issue. We also cover the latest lifestyle issues that are causing men to experience low testosterone and touch on psychological treatment as well as medical treatment. This medical issue effects men of all ages, although more typically in older men, however its something that we should all take more focus on in our lives and work to improve on…

Dr Joe is the author of a great audiobook, called “MEN’S HORMONES MADE EASY!: How to Treat Low Testosterone, Low Growth Hormone, Erectile Dysfunction, Andropause, Insulin Resistance, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Osteoporosis, High Oestrogen, and DHT!” which inspired this podcast and is available to download from Amazon or iTunes here. A book I highly recommend – especially if you found this podcast useful.

Read more about who Dr Joe Swartz is here – http://drhormone.org/

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