NEW VIDEO – 1st 500m WR Attempt


So here is the video for today. Little intro to what this is all about for those who don’t know and two video angles of the row.

Big thanks to Rachel Hobbs who is coaching the strategy for this WR target. We have the nutrition & training nailed down and as far as our strategy is going, we have nailed it to the SECOND! Literally.

Todays objective was to hit 2 seconds off my PB… which we did!

Next attempt is in 4 weeks where we will aim to hit 1min 13.5 ish….

Christ that will be tough. Its been 2 hours since the row and i still cant walk lol.

Thank you to all those who tuned in to watch it live and the support on facebook and twitter has been insane. Couldn’t do it without you all… really… amazing motivation for me. Thank you.

NEW VIDEO - 1st 500m WR Attempt

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