Photoshoot done! So whats next?

So whats next on my list to achieve… well, its simple!

My life goal at the moment is get a front cover shoot! Ideally it would be either Men’s Fitness or Men’s Health. This has always been my life goal, ever since i was a little kid. However, having been fat for most of my life, its never been something i’ve even entertained. However, over the last 3 years, its been something that has been in my cross hairs!

So…. whats the plan?

Well to get into front cover shape is a WHOLE new ball game. I’ve decided to split the next 24 weeks into a 2 stage process.

Stage 1

As of Monday (27/8/2012), i’m going to start a 12 weeks fat cut. I stil have a lot of body fat that i need to shift. I say ‘a lot’ as to be front cover ready you ideally need to be sub 8% body fat – at the moment, i’m about 12%. That 4% is going to take an enormous amount of effort….

So for the next 12 weeks, its strict calorie deficit dieting to get down to 8%. I will of course document the whole thing and tell you all how i will achieve this every week.

This will involve full high intensity DTP weight workouts 5 times a week, as well as HIIT cardio 5 times a week. Its going to be tough…. really tough! But worth it.

Stage 2

Once i am down to 8% i am then going to do a 12 week lean muscle mass bulk phase to add on some ‘slab’. There are certain aspects that need some serious attention on my body – my chest and traps to name but two! So the stage 2 process will involve upping my calories to an all time high – i’m predicting anything from 5000-6000 calories a day.

My workouts will then change to lifting heavy 5-6 times a week to really pump up those muscles.

It is inevitable that i will add on SOME body fat during this process. However, i will be keeping the cardio element in to my workouts to try and reduce this. Its likely that my cardio will change from HIIT to low intensity as the weights sessions will be really tearing up my body.

Once those 24 weeks are up – it will then be time to asses where my body is at! The plan is to still be sub 10% body fat at this stage but be substantially bigger than now. If i creep over the 10% mark, then i’ll hit another 4 week cut to bring the BF down to 8%.


Having then documented both the cut, and the bulk, i’m hoping this will give me enough marketing exposure to approach the magazines and get me my front cover!

My determination and focus has now never been so clear! This is now my goal! This is now my life! This is my time……

Stay tuned!



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