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Welcome to the Macro Recipe Book by Life Changing Fitness – written, created and produced by Daniel Wheeler, CEO of Life Changing Fitness.

The Macro Recipe Book is designed to give those who know enough about macro nutrients, and the tracking of such macros, the ability to enjoy fantastically nutritional and enjoyable foods, snacks and treats that all fit within their macro daily profile.

There are recipes that are for individual portions and also for family portions. There are breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and dessert ideas for every occasion. However, what separates this book is the detail in the macro profiles we state.


We specify the Fats, Carbs and Proteins in every meal. We also give the caloric value for the meals and relevant portions. Not only that, but we also give you an index of allergy information for everyones dietary needs. To top it off, the book also indicates the Weight Watches Pro Points value for each portion and meal. This book could not be more in-depth if it tried. If you follow my work, or social profiles, you will know that I am not a fan of Weight Watchers or the principle of such a fad diet. So why have I included their points into my book? The simple answer is this – if I can get the Weight Watchers audience to eat these proper nutritional meals, instead of the fad crap they are currently sold, then I hope to be able to convert them to a lifestyle nutritional change and remove the fad dieting mindset. Think of it as a golden carrot if you will!

Every recipe includes a detailed description about the food, its history and purpose/desirability of the meal. Each page also specifies the ingredients and metric weights needed for the recipe as well as clear, simple and concise step by step instructions on how to cook it. We also include the prep and cooking time so you know exactly how long each meal should take to make and enjoy.


Each recipe is accompanied with an amazingly beautiful image of the final meal that will leave your mouth watering at the very sight of it!

The Macro Recipe Book is not sold as a “healthy recipe book”. It is not a “get fit book”… and it is certainly not a recipe book that is full of restrictions. There are a mix of low carb recipes, high protein recipes, high dietary fat recipes, healthy treats, low calorie meals and good hearty meals. It is specifically designed this way so that YOU, the user, has the flexibility to choose whatever meal you desire. By knowing this, within a macro based nutritional plan, you can quantify and eat all the meals guilt free. Why should we feel guilty over eating good nutritious foods…?

All the recipes are made from single food ingredients, zero processed rubbish and are therefore full of nutrition. Even the meals you think aren’t “healthy”, due to the media perception we live in, are indeed very good for you in combination with a well balanced nutritional active lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy each and every meal as much as i did creating them for you.


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