Looking to speak to one of our online coaching experts? Know pretty much what you need to know about your own plan, but looking for some added guidence/direction? Want some help on your photoshoot/comp prep journey and looking for some independant advice/expertise? Or simply want a 1-2-1 knowledge session and learn something specific about a topic you want to know more about…

Whatever the reason, at Life Changing Fitness we offer a simple Skype/phone call service where you can spend up to an hour with any one of our expert coaches to help you on your goals.


With 10 years background in business & online marketing management, Daniel’s passion is split between health & fitness and his entrepreneurial aspirations. Having built up the most successful online coaching company in Europe, as well as owning 3 other companies, Daniel certainly has a lot of knowledge to offer – let alone his own 50kg fat loss transformation & 4+ years of coaching experience.

– Fat loss
– Body transformations
– Female fat loss

- Endurance athlete training/nutrittion
– Emotional eating
– Lifestyle stress management

- Online Marketing
– Business Development
– SEO & Social Medial


Sports were always my passion leading to quite a successful spell in hockey and rugby with many representitive honors up until an unfortunate spell of injuries in my early 20’s. It was during my rehab I found myself as such and developed a love of nutrition and fitness which led to a success in competitive bodybuilding and career in the fitness industry as a trainer and nutritionist.

- Fat loss
– Body transformations
– Female fat loss

- Body Building training and nutrition
– Body Building posing
– Physique & Bikini training and nutrition

- Peak week conditioning
– Hypertrophy
– Supplements

PHD CHRIS SPEARMAN – Head Of Scientific Performance & Conditioning

Chris is a sponsored fitness model, ex-semi professional in rugby and national sprinter, currently doing a PhD in Cancer Research in the University of Surrey having already completed an MSc. in Molecular Cell Biology specializing in Breast Cancer research and a BSc. in Biochemistry. Chris focuses on specific scientific applications in terms of his diet, training, preparation and general fitness.

- balancing research/studies
– Strength & Conditioning
– Supplements

- Posture & form
– Photoshoot posing

- Self confidence
– Model Management


Adding lean mass or getting lean (sub10%) is, well to putting it bluntly, easy. However, building a physique worthy of a photoshoot or the stage is a completely different case. This is a job for an experienced eye. I’ve been prepping and assisting National Level and International Level athletes in the trenches to great success, so if you’re looking to take the extra level, lets discuss your next steps…

- Body Building
– Body transformations
– Physique/Bikini comps

- Competitor posing
– Comp prep training & nutrition
– Supplementation

- Muscular Hypertrophy
– Strength & power

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