12 Days to my first ever photoshoot

Right, well its time to start prepping for my first every photoshoot.

As some of you know, its been a long journey for me. Just over 2 years ago i was obese! I weighed 22 Stone 6lbs and had hit rock bottom. Some how, dont ask me how, i managed to get my shit together and i’m currently looking at the rear-view mirror of almost 8 stone of fat.

It has been dramatic, i’m not going to pretend it hasn’t. For anyone to lose even a stone of fat is an enormous achievement and takes hard work and dedication. For me, losing almost 8 stone hasnt been easy. Its taken a long time, i fell off the wagon many times, and it took an age to see any kind of results. However, 2012 has been a good year for me…. and its about to get even better!

In 12 days time i am going to be doing a photoshoot with one of the biggest fitness magazines in the UK. You’ll find out soon enough which one…

The magazine want to do a 6 page feature on me and my progression. I’m still pinching myself, as this is a HUGE opportunity for me to really step into the fitness world. My dream is to get a front cover one day, and this is certainly going to help raise my profile to do that. My body is a long way off ‘front cover’ ready, but considering where i started, i’m not nieve enough to say that i’m in pretty good shape at the moment. This comparrison photo was taken last week…

Comparison fat photo

It’s important to note that i’m not doing this alone… I have some professional help from someone who is arguable considered one of the UK’s top fitness models – Kirk Miller.

Going into this blind would be silly. I’ve been preparing for this day for the last 2 years and i intend to take it very seriously. Taking guidance from someone like Kirk, who has been there and got the t-shirt, has (and is going to continue) to help me get in the perfect shape for my big day.

Fat loss is what i do. Fat loss is all i know. Want to lose fat? You come to me ;-)

Want to take it to a whole other level and get in cover model shape for magazines? You go to someone whos already done it!


Below you will see links to the various blogs that will take you through the next 12 days leading up to the shoot. I’ll be detailing what my personal diet plan is, workout plan, dehydration techniques and so on…

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Day 1 – Photoshoot countdown begins

Day 2 – Cardio, DTP Chest and Back superset

Day 3/4 – Cardio day & the start of diet tweaks

Day 5 – Morning Abs and evening DTP Biceps and Triceps

Day 6 – Cardio and phase 1 of dehydration prep

Day 7 – DTP Legs & Shoulders and continued ramp up to dehydration

Day 8 and 9 – Rest day, waxing and DTP Calfs and Abs

Day 10 – Last day of cardio and weights sessions drop to 80% effort

Day 11 – No cardio, DTP Biceps and Triceps and more dehydration

Day 12 – The day before the big day

The day of the photoshoot – My dream has now come true