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Andrew Wiseman

Andrew Wiseman

My background is originally in football, having played for various clubs in my younger days, both here and in IrelandI have also coached with clubs such as West Ham, Chelsea and Shamrock Rovers. Until this year, i held the position as a scout for a Championship team.I began to use basic Sports Psychology, whilst coaching, and my interest grew over a period of years, and its grown into a passion working with athletes.I like to use the techniques while competing as a Fitness Model, and used lots of techniques before placing top 5 highly in a major European Competition.At present i am working on various Mental Performance Coaching projects, along with studying as a PT.Follow Andrew on twitter – @mrwiseymanCheck out Andrew’s blog articles below: -

- Using mental attitude to stay focused when training

- What is PMA and how do you develop it?

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson

My name is Luke Johnson. I am 26 years of age and currently work in a college as a Fitness Lecturer. I am a Personal Trainer in South East London and recently started my own online consultancy service. My goals are to get on a big fitness magazine front cover with my top off like Mr Wheeler.
My ethos is, show me the scientific proof, let me try it on myself and then let me get results for my clients. If you would like to keep in contact with me, give me a follow on twitter @LukeJohnsonPT or like my Facebook page Check out Luke’s blog articles below: -

– 10 ways to adapt to Fatherhood

Craig Dickinson

Craig Dickinson Bio

3 years ago I had never set foot in a gym. I always remember not being able to do one single push-up; you have to start somewhere I guess! I just did not think it would be right at the very beginning.Over the past three years, I have tried to better myself by absorbing as much information and techniques as possible, and try to filter that information as there are so many contradictions out there. One thing I have tried to do is make sure I have the correct people around me.With these things in place I have applied the knowledge to my training and nutrition. 2012 has been a fantastic year, i have had several photo-shoots and picked up a fantastic sponsor who supports and aids my development. Follow me on twitter @Craig_Dickinson and find me on FaceBookCheck out Craig’s blog articles below: -

– Craig Dickinson & Charlotte Howells – PPS Photoshoot

Charlotte Howells

Charlotte Howells Bio

Charlotte Howells, 23. I’m currently studying Sports Science at University. I have a lifelong love of gymnastics, running and now lifting weights. PPS supplements sponsored Athlete and Fitness Model. Competing in 2013 UKBFF.Follow me on Twitter @cchowells and find me on FacebookCheck out Charlotte’s blog articles below: -

– Charlotte Howells – My first photoshoot for PPS