Day 3/4 – Cardio day & the start of diet tweaks


Tuesday August 14th 2012
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Day 3/4 – Cardio day & the start of diet tweaks

OK, first thing to clear up. I miss counted my count down to my photoshoot! Good start huh! So its now actually Day 4 into the countdown, not Day 3 - Sue me!

So, woke up at 6am this morning and hit the gym for another low intensity cardio session. My chest DOMs from yesterdays DTP Chest/Back session are unreal. Really struggled to even turn my steering wheel in my car on the way to the gym this morning! Sign of an immense workout!

Morning Cardio session


60mins @125-130bpm heart rate

Boring as hell, but the gym had the news on and there was, as ever, some fascinating crap news to watch. By the way, did you know that eating chocolate can halt dementia? Amazing huh?!? Sky News forgot to mention the increased risk of fat gain or diabetes – funny that! Anyway….

Evening Cardio session


First block of 10 minutes - Treadmill sprints

30 seconds sprinting at 20kmph with gradient at level 1 (the fastest the treadmill will go…annoyingly)
30 seconds walking

Repeat x 10 

Once that is done, I hopped onto the cross trainer

Second/Last block of 10 minutes - Cross Trainer sprints

Gradient Level 6 – Resistance level 12
40 seconds @ 110 strides per min
20 seconds @ 275 strides per min – MAX OUTPUT

Repeat x 10 

The first 10 mins of sprinting is tough, really tough! I was close to hitting my lactic max by the 9th minute. However, the second block of cross trainer sprints was ridiculous! I literally collapse at the end of it and was physically shaking for a good 30 mins after.

It seems that the harder I keep pushing myself, and the deeper I manage to dig within myself to push harder, the more I want to be sick… funny that isnt it!

Here is a before and after shot of my gym top once I had finished the HIIT. Remember… this is ONLY 20 mins. Thats it…. just 20 mins. When was the last time your top looked like this after 20 mins of exercise?

HIIT training before and after shot


Diet tweaks now start!

So I’m now 9 days out from the shoot and now tweaking my diet slightly. Usually for my post workout meal, I would have a stir-fry with extra lean mince meat. However red meat is now no longer included in my diet leading up to the shoot.

Nutritional facts on extra lean mince meat

As you can see, even extra lean mince meat has got some saturated fat in it that I now need to remove. I also need to start to reduce my sodium (salt) intake to almost zero over the next few days. From Day 6 onwards, sodium intake should be at complete zero for when we start the dehydration phase.

So now, I’m replacing my evening meat with lean turkey breast instead.

Turkey breast nutritional information

As you can see – almost no saturated fat and no sodium.

“So why dont i eat this all the time then?” – well during the day, I do. However, you do need fat in your diet and mince meat is a good natural way to do this. The fat it does have isn’t bad for you. But remember, I’m looking to get as lean as possible for this shoot so I’m temporarily cutting it out.

Here is a photo of my post workout meal – high protein, low carbs. I added in a full hot chilli into the mix too. This will aid in raising my metabolism after the meal – more fat loss!

Post workout meal - turkey and veg


Progress photos now start!

Leading up to the shoot I’m now going to start posting progress shots. The below photo was taken directly after my HIIT session today. I’m still holding a LOT of water from the day, and very hot/sweaty – which means my skin is more ‘full’ with water. However, I will post daily photos with all the blogs from now on so that you can start to see the effect of the diet manipulations and dehydration process.

I will post a morning photo, as well as a post workout photo. The two will be very different, due to the water retention during the day, but as the days pass they should start to get closer aligned visibly. (NOTE – No photoshop here – just a raw image)

I’ve also just noticed that my right bicep now has a huge vien wrapping across it! Havent seen that before – BOOM! Getting leaner!

Day 4 progress photo

If you are interested in seeing my fat photo from 2 years ago, please click here

Thats it for Day 3/4 in my count down to my photoshoot. Hope you like the content and please Retweet, Google+, Digg, Facebook like and share using the above social buttons. Your continued support is welcomed.


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