I’m very pleased to announce the first in a series of Seminars hosted by Life Changing Fitness and presented by myself, Daniel Wheeler – CEO of Life Changing Fitness.

Ive put the ‘Dieting & Improving Your Lifestyle’ seminar together to target users who are confused by nutrition and just want to know the facts.

We live in a society where we are told that eating less and doing more is the right way to get fit. We’re told that eating lots of fruit is good for us and that red meats and eggs are really bad for us. We’re constantly ill and unhealthy and turning to the doctor is the only way to get better…. right? We are now a fast food, couch potato nation where energy levels and sex drives are ever decreasing and mood swings ever increasing. This effects our work, home lives and ultimately our quality of life. Women are feeling less effeminate and men feeling less masculine.

What if I told you that simply understanding the basics of nutrition and the power of food, could not only improve your quality of life but drastically change your life and even save it from serious long term health issues. Health issues that are preventable by eating and dieting properly…. and by this I DO NOT mean starving yourself.

What if i said you could improve your sex life by simply eating better? Maybe you suffer from insomnia and modern day medication isn’t working? What if i told you food could literally be the answer to 8 hours uninterrupted sleep? Ladies, want your curves back but hate running? Men, want to get bigger arms but hate the gym? Worried your eating is effecting your kids health? Trouble waking up in the morning, even after 10hours sleep? Oily skin and bad breath? Irregular bowel movements? Scared of eating some foods because they’re “fattening”? Think you may have IBS or Gluten intolerant? Struggling to conceive?

If you can relate to all the above, then the ‘Dieting & Improving Your Lifestyle’ seminar, by Life Changing Fitness, is aimed to teach you how food can solve these issues and also dispel all the modern day myths that are holding you back from a successful, healthy, lifestyle. You do not need to have any previous knowledge of nutrition – this is aimed at those who are confused by the whole topic and just want straight forward, easy to understand, factual answers.

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Date: March 1, 2015
Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Weybridge Hall, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8DX
Organizer: Daniel Wheeler


The seminar is designed for anyone that is confused about nutrition and want to learn more about food, exercise & dieting. If you are worried about your health and are someone that has tried many diets but have never found one that works, or you’ve struggled to stick to eating plans in the past, then this seminar can help educate you on what will and does work.


We will uncover all the dieting myths that plague our world and learn what works for the human body and what doesn’t. By making small changes, we will show you the benefits of food, how it can make you super healthy and along with improved sleep how you can burn fat, increase libido and have more energy. We will also cover the importance of hydration, which supplements are good for you, which are pointless and most importantly what exercise is right for you to get fit & drop the love handles… hint, it’s NOT the treadmill or sit-ups!

Click here for more information on the seminar and how you can book your tickets to attend.


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