The year has 1 week left now and tomorrow is Christmas Day. We are all closing down for the year and reflecting on our achievements and trying to figure out what we can improve on next year,

I wanted to take a brief second of your time to thank you for ALL your support this year. If you follow this page, follow us on twitter, have liked, commented or shared a post, become a client of ours or become a customer off our website….. THANK YOU.

Here at LCF we have a simple ethos & goal – we just want to change lives. We simply cant do that without your support. There literally wouldn’t be a roof over my head if it wasn’t for all of you and helping drive LCF forward.

I’ve reflected on a few stats this year… and i have to admit, even i was a little shocked. Jan 1st 2014, to date: –

  • - Over 160 online clients joined LCF
  • - Over 5,000 mini workout plans downloaded
  • - Over 1,600 items sold on the LCF site
  • - 40+ hours of LCF bootcamps complete
  • - LCF team grew from 4 to 9
  • - 310,00+ sessions on the LCF website (session, not page views)
  • - 40,000+ user logins to the LCF site
  • - Avg session duration 2m 04s
  • - Bounce rate = 9.80% – site wide.

Just a snapshot on some pretty crazy & amazing statistics.

The website stats is one of my favourites to be honest. I hand built & designed the site myself. I do all the SEO & paid marketing for it too, so to achieve those kind of figures is very humbling…

So, heres looking forward to 2015! We have some BIG plans for you next year and hope you continue to support our venture for many years to come. So whats in the pipeline for 2015?

  • - New seminar dates
  • - New company launching
  • - Aiming to hit 300+ clients
  • - Expand the team further
  • - Move into new office premises
  • - As per my 5 year plan, 2015 is the year i need to start investigating locations for my gym concept. 2020 launch hopefully.
  • - Possible TV series opportunity (will be confirmed in Jan if its a green light)

A HUGE THANK YOU from me personally. We really couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for you and its greatly appreciated.

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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