Life Changing Fitness photoshoot behind the scenes leg press video

Back in September, the Life Changing Fitness gang had a photoshoot. One of the shots we wanted to get was of the CEO Daniel Wheeler Leg Pressing the whole team,….

Not one to shy out of a challenge, we loaded up the leg press with the team, weighing in at over 550kg and got a single rep for the camera. Pretty cool!

Here are the behind the scenes shot of the footage….

Featuring: -

Daniel Wheeler – CEO & Company Founder
Kirstie Riddle – Account Director
Craig Dickinson – Marketing & Business Development Director
Darren Farrell – Senior Nutritional Advisor
Chris Spearman – Head Of Scientific Performance & Conditioning
Mike Ward – Personal Trainer in and around Warrington
Larry Doyle – Online Nutritional Coach
Will Pollitt – Walton on Thames PT

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