Looking to speak to one of our online coaching experts?

- Know pretty much what you need to know about your own plan, but looking for some added guidance/direction?

- Want some help on your photoshoot/comp prep journey and looking for some independent advice/expertise? Or simply want a 1-2-1 knowledge session and learn something specific about a topic you want to know more about…

Whatever the reason, at Life Changing Fitness we offer a simple Skype/phone call service where you can spend up to an hour with any one of our expert coaches to help you on your goals.

Not only that, but you can “bank” any time you don’t use in your call for another call/consultation at a time that suits you. This can be 2 x 30min calls, 3 x 20min calls or just 1 long full hour call. The choice is yours.

Check out the website now for more information on who our coaches are and which one is best to help you with your goals.


Know it, Feel it, Live it

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