4 week custom made workout plan

4 week custom made workout plan


Welcome to the Life Changing Fitness 4 week custom made workout plan

Are you confused about training? No idea what exercises to do together, how much rest, how many sets or how many reps to do? Never heard of a ‘drop set’ before?

At Life Changing Fitness, we specialise in tailored plans that match your specific needs – giving you the best chance of achieving your goals. In fact, we’ve got a 100% client objective success rate, so if you stick to your schedule, you’re almost guaranteed to succeed.

Anyone one can crawl the internet and find a workout plan for free. However, that wont be specific to you, your abilities, your lifestyle or goals. We offer a totally custom made workout plan service that removes all the question for you and gives you the perfect workout plan for your goals.

When you purchase the 4 week custom made workout plan you’ll be asked to participate in a skype/phone consultation by a Life Changing Fitness performance coach. In this consultation we will do our best to get to know as much about you as possible in order to design a workout plan to meet your lifestyle and goals.

Please allow up to 5 working days for the custom made workout plan to be created for you. Bespoke plans take a lot of time and not something we can create in 5 mins. They require quality checking with our expert performance coaches to ensure optimal performance & safety.

The 4 week custom made workout plan comes with: -

  • 45min skype/phone consultation with a LCF coach
  • Progressive overload tracking sheet – to measure progress
  • Specific list of exercises
  • Designated number of sets per exercise
  • Designated number of reps per exercise
  • Designated speed/time of exercise tempo
  • Designated rest periods between sets
  • Clear indications of set type – dropsets, supersets, giant sets, failure sets etc
  • Full workout plan for each day, including rest days
  • Progress tracking table
  • FREE Mens or Women’s workout plan of your choice (located in the online store)
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