OK – this is why I i dont like the current state of the protein bar market. I’m going to go as far as saying that this needs to be regulated as much as the Herbalife shit needs to be closed down!

Take a look at the protein bar in the image. Then look at the Mars Bar below it.


Points to note….

  • How can we call this a PROTEIN BAR? There is more fat in it than protein…. its technically more of a carb & fat bar than it is protein. How has this legally passed the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) checks! Has it even been passed through them…?
  • A mars bar has LESS CARBS in it than this “protein bar”.
  • This “protein bar” has the same amount (all bar 1g) of sugar as the mars bar!
  • This 100g “protein bar” is just 11% protein…. 11%!!!!!!!! Its 12% FAT!

The smart arses amongst you will say “Yes but the protein bar is 100g in weight and the mars bar is only 58g”. You are correct, so its not an equal comparison. However, they are both sold in a “serving” of 1 bar. The premise here being that people will eat the whole bars, regardless of size in that serving. Meaning that the macro profile of the protein bar is quite shocking…

Companies are labelling things with “protein” in order to confuse and trick the consumer into thinking these are “healthy” or “good” for us.

NO…. NO! This is a sugar bar with a fucking tiny amount of protein and contains more fat.

Post workout bar? NOPE!

Here is the marketing text from the NRG site…

“They Taste Amazing! NRGFUEL Protein Flapjacks are a great tasting snack that will help re-fuel your body and support your lean muscle goals. Our bars provide a high quality protein and complex carbohydrates, ideal for keeping hunger at bay. In 4 great tasting flavours being chocolate, chocolate orange, peanut butter and bakewell flavour they sure make that quick shot of protein easy and extremely satisfying.”

  • They are correct, they do taste pretty awesome – as do mars bars! However, thats irrelevant when looking at the other points.
  • “that will help re-fuel your body and support your lean muscle goals” – errrrrr no! This implies that its a post workout bar. 11g protein for post workout? Sure… if my 5yr old nephew was training! 12g of fat post workout…? Nah… i dont think so!
  • “Our bars provide a high quality protein and complex carbohydrates” – errrrrr complex carbs? Well, it does contain oats, but it also contains 35g sugar. Thats simple sugars guys! The vast majority is sugar… so thats actually mostly simple sugar source!. High quality protein? pffff!
  • “ideal for keeping hunger at bay” – really? A sugar spike is going to help hunger longterm is it? COME ON!!!!!
  • “they sure make that quick shot of protein easy” – quick shot of protein is the key phrase here. With only 11g, that shit will be soaked up quicker than water in the sahara!

Conclusion – They taste great – as do mars bar, but we all know how good mars bars are for us!

I’m not just slamming this particular brand – 99% of the protein bars out their match a similar profile. Its all marketing SHIT!

Read the labels – educate yourself on WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS POST WORKOUT!

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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