Recipe Video Blog 1 – Beef filled peppers & healthy pizza


Recipe Video Blog 1 – Beef filled peppers & healthy pizza from Daniel Wheeler on Vimeo.

In todays blog, Daniel Wheeler cooks his first Recipe Video Blog – Beef filled peppers & healthy pizza

Beef filled pepper & healthy pizza

Inspired by a Greg Plit cook book recipe, Daniel adds his own twist and talks through why he has such a meal, when he has it and why it is good for him and his goals. This meal is a great addition to his ‘cheat meal’ catalogue, however this is very much classed as a ‘healthy cheat’ and not something you should feel guilty about.

The meal is split into two parts -

Beef filled peppers with mixed stir fry veg, smothered in a super healthy sweet chilli sauce.
Two amazingly healthy pizza’s with fresh tomato sauce base and low fat cheese.

The entire meal is only 791 calories!!!

Macro nutrients =

Carbs = 85g / 340calories
Proteins = 67.35g / 270calories
Fats = 20.2g / 181calories

With Daniels intensive workout routine for the week, coupled with his ‘spot on’ nutritional plan, this meal is a super nutritious addition to keep him sane.

It tastes great, looks incredible and it even aids towards his fat loss goals.

Know it, Feel it, Live it


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