This is one of my fav omelettes to cook! Easy and great macros too!

Take all eggs, egg whites and spinach and add to a blender. I use a nutri-bullet!

Poor mixture into heated frying pan with a few sprays of 1kcal olive oil to grease pan. Heat for 5 mins and then take smoked salmon, tear into small pieces and place on top. Then take pan and place under the grill for a further 5 mins.

Fold and place onto a plate. The runner beans are an optional additional extra.


PACKED full of nutrients, fibre, great fats and high protein! – super low carb! Perfect for breakfast or evening snack/light meal. Adjust egg & salmon qty to meet your dietary goals. Add some almond milk to the blender to pad it out if needed.

Eat and enjoy. Really fills you up!

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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