It is very easy to forget sometimes what are the basics of anyones goals…. be it fat loss. Muscle growth. Performance improvements or general wellbeing. Many people get caught up in the “1% – 2%” elements of training and nutrition and forget about the basics that account for the 98% of what you are trying to achieve.

Here i have created the “Success Pyramid” – what i deem to be the priority order of anyones success in achieving their goals, and you may be surprised by some of the ordering and reasons. Below i have also outlined, in combination with the Success Pyramid, elements that people focus all their energy on, but need not to in order to see maximal progress.




  • What people focus on…
    • Whey protein shakes
    • Carbs after 6 make us fat
    • Lots of carbs make us fat
    • Fat makes us fat
    • Eating no veg
    • Eating too much fruit
  • What people should ACTUALLY focus on…
    • The basics. Work out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Work out how many calories you need on a daily basis to achieve your goals. Work out your macro profile. Work out how often you should be eating. Work out what foods you like and what foods you perform well on. Work out if you respond better to carbs in the morning or before bed. Work out if your not eating enough protein.
    • HOW? Check out this video blog i did on “how to work out your BMR” – this should explain most of the above.



  • What people focus on…
    • Drop sets
    • Supersets
    • Giant sets
    • DTP
    • Y3T
    • Lift super heavy
    • Lift max reps
  • What people should ACTUALLY focus on…
    • Form. Tempo. Time under tension. Making the muscles WORK for the weight and not just moving the weight from A to B. Focus on what muscles you’re are actually contracting and WHY you are contracting them… for what purpose?
    • Focus on the eccentric element of the lift more than the contraction. SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN…! Fast reps never made anyone build muscle! Make sure you you hit that pain bracket or muscle fatigue and try to push past it. Breaking down muscle HURTS… get used to it, its whats going to CHANGE YOU.



  • What people focus on…
    • 9 times out of 10… people dont focus on this at all. They just drink when they are thirsty.
  • What people should ACTUALLY focus on…
    • Electrolytes. Ensuring your body is fully hydrated and not just with plain water. Ensure sodium is in your diet. Drink with every meal. Drink AT LEAST 1.5ltrs of water for every workout… before, during and after in total. Drink before you go to bed – waking up to go to the toilet during the night has little to do with water consumption and more to do with hormonal stress. Your bladder can hold a lot of water… trust me.



  • What people focus on…
    • Going to bed, sleeping and thinking thats enough.
    • Taking the weekend off but still doing light training
    • Unable to take a full rest day
  • What people should ACTUALLY focus on…
    • QUALITY of sleep over quantity. Research sleep cycles and REM. Research power naps and how you can use them for a busy work life. Stress management can improve sleep massively and thus increase your goals.
    • Taking a FULL rest day at least once a week is vital for your body to recover. Doing so will ensure you are faster, stronger, fitter and healthier the following days to come. Remember… we aren’t just healing the muscles here – we are healing the WHOLE body – immune system, hormonal system, stress triggers etc



  • What people focus on…
    • Doing as much cardio as possible before breakfast and after training
    • Worrying that cardio will make them fat
    • Worrying that cardio will strip all their muscle away
  • What people should ACTUALLY focus on…
    • Based on your nutritional plan, be it a caloric deficit or surplus, work out how much cardio you NEED to do, if any. Find a cardio exercise you ENJOY to do… Don’t just drive to the gym and walk on a treadmill for an hour – no one enjoys that. Embrace the health benefits of cardio and the endorphin high after it.
    • Figure out which time of the day/week cardio is best for you.
    • Lastly… dont stress about cardio. If you arent building enough muscle or dropping enough body fat – look at your nutrition before you mess about with dropping or increasing cardio!



  • What people focus on…
    • Usually… they don’t. They work hard Monday to Friday and then think that having the weekend off wont do any harm. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • What people should ACTUALLY focus on…
    • They say that Nutrition is King and Consistency is Queen – this is SO true. Being consistent with anything will always show maximal progression. Ask any professional athlete of any sport… without consistency they simply will fail time and time again. The same goes for muscle gaining and fat loss. If you want to achieve your goals bad enough, you simply have to stick to a plan of action for long enough and before you know it, you are 4-6 weeks down the road and seeing amazing results. Be consistent… be awesome!



  • What people focus on…
    • Fat burners
    • CLA
    • Whey Protein
    • Casein Protein
    • Multi Vitamins
    • Fish oils
    • Pre workouts
    • Post workout mass gainers
    • Diet shakes
    • Protein bars
    • …the list goes on.
  • What people should ACTUALLY focus on…
    • The simple fact is, supplements literally are the final 1-2% of the picture when it comes to achieving ANY goal. Unless all of the above is taken seriously and achieved to optimal and maximal benefit, then supplements are utterly pointless.
    • You may well see hundreds of sports athletes on the telly, Facebook or Twitter promoting supplements that have got them huge, jacked or ripped – but the reality is they all have something in common… they have ALL got the above nailed down to a fine art. Then maybe… just maybe, their supplements MIGHT help that extra little bit – but remember, these are the ELITE of theirs sports. The final 1-2% of the picture is the difference between winning and losing – for 99.999999% of the population, we just want to see great fantastic results – this comes from ALL of the above…. NOT SUPPLEMENTS!


Thats about it. I welcome comments and feedback on this article and please feel free to get in contact should you wish to know more about how we use and adapt this Success Pyramid on our client plans, coaching and approaches.

Know it, Feel it, Live it


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