Video Blog – Legs & Arms workout – TRAILER PREVIEW


Legs & Arms workout – TRAILER PREVIEW from Daniel Wheeler on Vimeo.

***Due to a technical issue, half of the workout footage that we shot was lost – i know, gutted! So we managed to piece together enough footage to create an extra long promo trailer to give you guys/gals and idea of what the production of the next workout video is going to be like. The next workout video will be filmed in early August and should be uploaded a week or two later.

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This is the trailer of the Legs and Arms workout video that I shot.

Produced, Directed and starring Daniel Wheeler
Co-Produced/Directed, Filmed and Edited by Nathalie Holman of Jump Start Promotions.


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  1. Jonathan Wardell says:

    Great production mate looking very professional! Shame you lost the rest of the filming! Looking forward to a full video

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