As i’m sure you’re aware from my recent posts, i’m hosting a seminar on 1st March in Weybridge, Surrey called “DIETING & IMPROVING YOUR LIFESTYLE SEMINAR”.

I wanted to give 2 lucky people the chance to win a free ticket to this event. Although the tickets are nice a cheap anyway, its always nice to get free stuff isnt it

So, to enter this competition couldn’t be easier! There are 2 simple steps: –
(please note that this seminar is in Weybridge, Surrey, UK on the 1st March. Please only enter if you can travel to the event should you win a ticket)

1 – FACEBOOK SHARE OR TWEET this post. Easy!

If you don’t have FACEBOOK, simply tweet this: –

Checkout this seminar by @LifeChangingF “DIETING & IMPROVING YOUR LIFESTYLE” – ideal for anyone who lives in #surrey.

2 – I’ve hidden a link on one of our awesome client testimonial pages.

The link takes you to a competition entry form when you enter in your name and email. Two of these entrants will be chosen at random as the winners.

The trick is to find the right page that hosts the hidden link and then click it! Not that hard, right?

Follow this link to get started link hunting!

The winners will be announced on the 1st February.

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